What makes this the best process for your next performance apparel design?

Here is a Quick Tutorial how we manufacture.

Our Advanced 'thermal processing' binds the color to the fibers at the molecular level:

  • Full-color, High Definition. Digital reproduction ensures outstanding accuracy of your graphics with exceptional consistency.

  • Use as many colors as you want without up-charges. No limit!(Silk screen charges per color screen and additional locations. OUCH)

Italian Inks ensure high definition resolution and detailed quality with vibrant colorfast graphics that makes your artwork pop:


  • Our technique is distinctive in which we create artwork that does NOT, wash-out, fade, crack, peel or deteriorate.

  • The ink results in a completely washable, smooth image that’s fully embedded throughout the material


The fabric:


  • The physical properties of our performance fabric remain technical as intended.

       Soft, Breathable, Moisture Wicking with a Lightweight Stretch to provide the perfect fit.

  • Designed to draw sweat away from the skin and push moisture outward where it can dissipate to dry quickly.


How we construct your custom performance apparel:


  • Image, running a bolt of fabric through an ink jet printer to fully cover every square inch of the apparel. (You can’t do this with a basic silk screen T shirt)

  • Once the performance fabric is inked with your artwork. Now we cut-out the templates.

  • Next, we assemble all the cut-out sections and sew them together to create your apparel. 

       (These are not store-bought, pre-made t-shirts)

The Result:

  • Clothing with all-day comfort helping to keep the wearer happy.

       (NO sweaty silk screen hot spots to stick to your body)

  • Wrinkle-resistant, UV protection makes perfect for traveling.


Get started today and give us a call.

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