Our Commitment is to give back to the community, because of our great clients.

Provide an unequaled combination of quality, value, and the highest level of customer service.

Life Behind Bars Cycling and Custom Wear dot US was built on a compelling story that cannot be reproduced or replicated.

Well known as the company “behind the scenes” that creates OEM apparel for many top manufacturers, as well as custom kits for respected teams across the US.

From athletes demanding world class apparel, to the weekend warrior, we are here to serve.



Sourcing the best fabrics across the world, we know what it takes to create performance apparel to meet your specific demands. 


Producing highly technical custom apparel is as complicated as clothing manufacturing gets.

We create patterns that function at the uppermost levels. Plus, the marriage of fabrics and materials for the highest performance in breathability and thermal regulation to guarantee comfort.


We took a close look at some of the most expensive items from high-end manufacturers.

We took them apart, counted the threads, examined the materials, stitching, and incorporated the best features and techniques from all the major brands in our line.

You win as this knowledge allows us to manufacture apparel at your specific price point.

Providing fabrics and combinations you would never be exposed to.


We work with clients to bring their unique design ideas to life and sew each handcrafted piece with professional grade techniques. These processes ensure you get the highest standards and amazing quality!


100% made-to-order! 

Each Life Behind Bars Cycling and Custom Wear dot US product is designed to bring your brand, unique character and identity. The way you feel improves focus, endurance and brings out your best performance.


We do this for every single order, no matter how small, to offer premium quality at the most competitive pricing.


Let us know what your needs and exact goals are. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


Click here to Start an Order  or you can call us direct at 312.520.2525


Please inquire about our special silent auction program to use for your next fundraising event as we love to assist 501c3’s.  


If you are a Fundraiser, or just a Team of ONE we are here to serve. 


Our passion, our friends, our families, and our athletes are at the core of our creative aspirations.

Think of us as your family to the amazing world of performance apparel.

We Believe in Beauty:

We have a strong aesthetic feeling.

We know exactly what it means to feel comfy and confident.

We care about how things look like. That’s why in developing new products and designs we get inspiration from nature and the tradition of the past with today’s technologies and add a pinch of graphic and industrial design.

We try to maintain the attitude of doing beautiful things that work. That, you will fall in love with.


The Life Behind Bars Cycling and CustomWear dot US brands are created to best reflect who you are; and how you want to be perceived. ​


Life Behind Bars Cycling and CustomWear dot US evolves with the modern times, rather than drastically change.


It all starts with distinctive personality and skills which is YOU. 


Bottom line you can continue to purchase the apparel we OEM for other manufacturers and wear their brand name.


OR you can purchase direct and make your own brand.


That is why we love what we do.

Fundraising is close to our Hearts.  

LET US SUPPORT YOUR fundraising event be it a RIDE, WALK, RUN!

Let us do something special for you as you are doing something special for the cause.

Think about this:

Fully customized for YOU less than that store bought.

At Life Behind Bars Cycling and CustomWear dot US we passionate fellow fundraisers.

Most Important we want to help you even if you are a team of 1.

THE PSYCHOLOGY behind how you FEEL when you look and can IDENTIFY as part of a Team!

  • You are more confident.

  • You raise more money.

  • You can’t wait to do it again.

  • It’s your own Team Identity.


Please call us today we are her to serve you. Tell us what you are riding for or what type of event you are planning. Better yet speak with any of your fellow team captains that have worked with us. (we have their numbers for you.)


Multiple Sclerosis - Bike MS

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Scenic Shore 150 Bike Tour

American Diabetes Association – Tour de Cure

American Lung Association – Lung Ride

AIDS - Ride for AIDS / TPAN

Cycling with Sisters

Rotary Club - Bike Benzie

Mr. David Foundation

Gary Sinise Foundation – Cross Country 4 Vets

Honor Flight

Victory for Vets


For all your hard work we want to elevate your event apparel game.

So, you can concentrate on what's most important, fundraising!

Done with your event and still want to show off your team spirit. This is how we do it!

Show your brand in everyday wear. Now your supporters can join in the team fun.


Try our Polos, T Shirts, Headwear / Neck Gaiter to help with your fundraising.

Make from our same breathable, moisture wicking, antimicrobial fabrics.


Now you can become your own human billboard and promote the event anytime.

A lot of this success has to do with our team spirit and a lot of that spirit is supported by having a team identity bolstered by our great team jerseys. Thank you for helping us with this part of our success.

It really sends a powerful message to see so many riders in our team jerseys.

Thanks for all you do for us.


- ART (Leukemia Lymphoma)